My name is Christina Morgan. I’m a junior at the University of Michigan pursuing a major in Biopsychology Cognition and Neuroscience and a minor in Writing. Pictured on the left, are some of the many things that inspire my writing. My writing often stems from a personal place: my family, my homestate of Massachusetts, my childhood friends and memories. I've found the writing that has an emotional significance is the writing of which I'm most proud. 

This portfolio was created for the gateway course into the Minor in Writing at the University of Michigan. Our two main projects were the Repurposing Project and the Remedation Project. At the beginning of the course, as I looked over essays I had previously written in an attempt to find a piece to "repurpose," I noticed that my writing was very homogenous – not always in terms of content but always in terms of genre and style. The majority of my earlier writing, which can be viewed on the “What I Write” page, is strictly academic. In my sophomore year, I took a class on “creative non-fiction”. That class was the first time I wrote anything even remotely creative. And I loved it. I found myself far more proud of the pieces I wrote for that class than of anything I had ever written. So when I entered the gateway course into the minor, I was determined to continue to write more creative pieces and to write only things I would be that proud of. None of the academic pieces I had written in the past, even the creative non-fiction pieces, sparked an idea for a repurposing project that I could really be proud of. So, I very tentatively turned to a story I wrote in the second grade. It was the only piece of writing that evoked a clear idea for repurposing. I could revise the story – edit, cut and supplement it – and turn it into a children’s book. All of this collectively led me to the theme of my portfolio: growing as a writer. In my portfolio I hope to showcase the development of my writing both prior to and during the gateway course. Some of the pieces I present may also illustrate the progression of my personal development. As a whole, I hope it showcases my ability to write in many different genres and media.




Max and Buddy
Jon's wedding
The cousins
The kids and their dogs
The Taft School
Christina at Michigan
Christina and Dad